"This is the true joy in life...the being used for a purpose considered by yourself as a mighty one."


lecture and seminar titles

If you are interested in discussing a seminar or lecture for your group, please contact

Nikki Forston at pressmanseminars@gmail.com.  


"Deconstructing Anxiety: 

A Powerful New Approach to Healing and Growth"

A groundbreaking, cutting-edge seminar for rapidly uncovering the root causes of anxiety. You will learn never-before-presented techniques for releasing the resistances that keep anxiety alive, getting at their source and transforming them into a sense of high purpose and meaning. 

“Destiny by Design: 

How to Live with Purpose, Power and Passion”


Adapted from Dr. Pressman's latest CD program, this presentation offers a complete overview of the road to fulfillment, designing our lives with intention and purpose according to our highest ideals.


"Greatness, Courage and Vision: 

Secrets from The World's Most Extraordinary Leaders"


Drawing from the lives of Gandhi, King, Mother Teresa, 

Nelson Mandela and a host of others, this presentation lays out a roadmap for visionary leadership and how to create unprecedented results in our lives.


"How to Lead Like Gandhi: 

Be the change you wish to see in the world"


Reveals the principles that made Gandhi arguably one of the 

greatest leaders in recent history. Being the change we wish to see in the world is the answer not only for leadership success but for true happiness and fulfillment in our lives as well.


"Relationships That Work!"


Relationships, networks of support and the exchange of ideas are the source of success in any endeavor.  This presentation explores the secrets to effective communication that make for resilient, enduring and ultimately fulfilling relationships.



“Radical Joy: 

Awakening your Potential for True Fulfillment”


Based on Dr. Pressman's widely acclaimed book, this presentation outlines a simple yet powerful process for moving through the fears that hold us back in life, finding the key to freedom and Joy waiting on the other side.

“Random Acts of Fearlessness: 

The Key to Success in Whatever You Can Dream


This experiential presentation gives some of the most powerful exercises available for “fearbusting”, moving through the obstacles which stop us to realize our greatest possibilities in life.​

"The Peak Experience: 

How to Get It, Keep It and Live It"


Explores a remarkable technique called Transpersonal Breathwork and its application to everyday life that reliably brings forth the peak experience, then translates it into the actions that cause breakthrough results in our most passionate endeavors. Like nothing else you've experienced, this technique has the power to change your life!


  • "Extreme Confidence: Cultivating Fearlessness in an Anxiety-Ridden World” 


  • "What's Your Purpose?: How to Make a Meaningful Impact in Work and in Life"


  • "Obstacles Into Opportunities: Turn Your Inner Demons Into Your Greatest Strengths!"



Dr. Pressman is happy to tailor a unique program for your audience's particular interests!

Contact Nikki Forston at pressmanseminars@gmail.com for information.

Supervision and Training

Dr. Pressman offers group supervision to qualified mental health professionals and is conducting a training program in the "Deconstructing Anxiety" approach to therapeutic healing and growth.  Please contact us for further information.  A coaching certification program for non-mental health professionals is also in the works.  Please inquire about details if interested.

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