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Relationships 101

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Deconstructing Relationships 101 Seminar

4 separate seminars that build on one another: 101, 201, 301, and 401


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Finding the Core Fear and Chief Defense in your Relationships


Have you ever felt like you’re just “passing time” with your partner?  Perhaps you feel they are not meeting your needs, that you are bored with them, or that the relationship has grown a bit stale.  Maybe your relationship has become subtly or openly abusive, but you feel trapped with no idea what to do about it.


There’s no question…relationships make the world go ‘round.  They can be our greatest source of fulfillment in one moment, and our greatest source of suffering in the next.  As the saying goes: “You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them!”.  


Given the importance of relationships in our lives, we need new solutions, something beyond resigning to our “fate” or living with unending volatility.  


The Deconstructing Relationships Series gives you these new solutions.


Based on Dr. Pressman’s award-winning “Deconstructing Anxiety” program, this new seminar series starts with the profound discovery that there is a single “core fear” at the root of any struggle we may have.  When applied to relationships, we see that the core fear is responsible for projecting how we view our partner, where we get tangled up in false assumptions about them, etc.—and how we do this to ourselves as well.  


We then react to the core fear with a “chief defense’, an automatic habit that is designed to get us the love (or fulfillment or success) that we seek with the other, but which always backfires!  The chief defense is responsible for EVERY relationship struggle we have, even when we are certain the other person is “wrong”.  


And this is good news because it means there is always a new option, a new doorway to walk through, that will bring healing, understanding, empathy and fulfillment between you.  This is where relationships become the vehicle for extraordinary growth and the realization of our highest potential.


Come join us for this exciting new seminar series which offers real solutions for resolving problems and finding wholeness in your relationships.  By exposing the core fear and chief defense responsible for the turmoil behind the scenes, you will discover everything you need to take back control and create a relationship that really works!  


  • Understanding the core fear and chief defense—30 minutes

  • Exercise: Finding the core fear: Digging for Gold—45 minutes

  • Exercise: Finding the chief defense: Who Are You Really?—15 minutes

  • Exercise: Seeing the core fear and chief defense at work in our relationships—75 minutes

  • Q and A—15 minutes


Gives 3 CE credits for qualified mental health professionals.


NOTE: This seminar is appropriate for any kind of relationship, including parent-child relationships, peer relationships, work relationships, romantic relationships, dating relationships, our relationships with a group of people, relationships between friends, and even our relationship with ourselves or with a “spiritual” source.  

The 101 seminar must be taken prior to taking 201, 301, or 401.


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3 hours



Taught on Zoom by Dr. Pressman

Q&A at the end


Offered live online:

  • Thursday, January 13 from 7-10pm eastern

  • Tuesday, February 15 from 7-10pm

  • Thursday, August 4 from 7-10pm

Also offered "on demand" in our shop - without the Q&A session at the end. (coming soon)

Price does not include CE credits which are purchased separately through the CE company. Details to come.