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Media Appearances

November 2021 - Everyday Buddha podcast guest interview with Edi Matsumoto

September 2021 - Teen Kids News TV guest interview "Senseless Worry in Teens"

December 2020 - Awaken Your Alpha podcast guest interview with Adam Lewis Walker "Deconstructing Anxiety and the Peak Experience"

November 2020 - Yekukai Business Show guest interview with CEO Yeukai Kajidori "Greatness, Courage, and Vision"

November 2020 - Zeta Phi Sorority live webinar with Rutgers University for Mental Health Awareness week "Deconstructing Anxiety"

September 2020 - Coach's Circle podcast guest interview with Brandon Baker "Deconstructing Anxiety"

September 2020 - About the World radio show guest interview with James Loewe "Deconstructing Anxiety"

August 2020 - Talkzone.com The Urban Collection podcast guest interview with Leonard Birdsong "Deconstructing Anxiety"

August 2020 - Wisdom Feed Summit: Surfing the Tsunami of Change guest presenter "Deconstructing Anxiety: The Journey from Fear to Fulfillment"

August 2020 - Beyond Confidence podcast guest interview with Divya Parekh "Deconstructing Anxiety"

July 2020 - The Frankie Boyer Show guest interview on "Deconstructing Anxiety: A Holistic Approach to Healing"

July 2020 - UP Journal quoted in article titled "What to Say to Someone Who is Stressed"

July 2020 - Eggshell Transformations podcast guest interview with Imi Lo "Deconstructing Anxiety for the Emotionally Sensitive and Intense"

June 2020 - Be Inspired Cafe! live interview with Erice Latrice "Deconstructing Anxiety"''

June 2020 - Preferred Company Radio Show guest interview with Joel Markel "Deconstructing Anxiety"

June 2020 - Core Confidence Podcast guest interview with Dennis Sumlin "Masculine Identity and the Deconstructing Anxiety Method"

June 2020 - About the World Radio Show guest interview with Donald Mazella "Deconstructing Anxiety"

June 2020 - No Sitting on the Sideline Podcast guest interview with Joseph Foley "Deconstructing Anxiety for Fathers"

June 2020 - The Secrets of Success Radio Show WHPC FM guest interview with William Horan "Deconstructing Anxiety"

June 2020 - WMMR Radio guest interview with Lora Lewis "Deconstructing Anxiety in the Time of COVID"

May 2020 - Quest for the Best Podcast guest interview with Bill Ringle "Deconstructing Anxiety for the Small Business Owner"

May 2020 - Talk with Francesca Radio Show guest interview with Francesca Luca "Deconstructing Anxiety"

May 2020 - The Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show guest interview with James Loew "Deconstructing Anxiety"

May 2020 - The Rob Kall Bottoms Up Show guest interview with Rob Kall "Deconstructing Anxiety"

May 2020 - The Core Confidence Podcast guest interview with Dennis Sumlin "Deconstructing Anxiety"

January 2020 - The Neal Steele Radio Show WXGM Radio Williamsburg, VA guest interview "Deconstructing Anxiety"

January 2020 - The Morning Show with Host Chuck Kramer WEAG Radio Jacksonville, FL guest interview "Deconstructing Anxiety"

January 2020 - Bill Lusby Morning Show WNAV Radio Baltimore, MD guest interview "Deconstructing Anxiety"

January 2020 - Frankie Boyer Lifestyle Show BizTalk Radio Nationwide "Deconstructing Anxiety"

January 2020 - Drive Time Radio Show WKCT Radio "Deconstructing Anxiety

December 2019 - Think, Act, Be podcast guest interview with Seth Gillihan

December 2019 - The PurposeGirl podcast guest interview "Understanding and Managing Anxiety"

September 2019 - Shrink Rap Radio guest interview with David Van Nuys "Deconstructing Anxiety"

May 2018 - WisdomFeed.com Street Wisdom guest interview with Steve Stein "Deconstructing Anxiety"

February 2018 - Spaced Out Radio guest interview with Dave Scott "Deconstructing Anxiety: A Powerful New Approach to Moving Through Anxiety and Finding Fulfillment"

October 2017 - WisdomFeed.com blog post "Lessons in Radical Joy: Answering the Call of Carpe Diem"

May 2017 - Evolve Radio guest interview  with Robin Lysne

May 1994-February 2017 - National Tour of radio interviews on various topics in holistic psychology

May 2009 -  Philadelphia Business Journal article "The 'Sexy' Approach for Breakthrough Coaching Results"

February 1995-July 2003 - Inner Realm Magazine monthly column on Holistic Psychotherapy

May 2002 - Common Ground Magazine article "Food and Addiction: A New Strategy for Healing"

December 2001 - Common Ground Magazine article "The September 11 Crisis: Responding with Our Spiritual Ideals"

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