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Destiny by Design

Designing a Destiny of Power and Passion


Having a compelling sense of purpose is being recognized as an essential ingredient for a fulfilling life.  But the stress of everyday demands can squash our enthusiasm for this high ideal.  Too often we feel at the mercy of circumstance, with no choice but to resign ourselves to the pressure of our responsibilities. 


But this does not need to be the case!  At any moment, we can choose a new course, driving our destiny...on purpose.  It is for us to decide to live our lives with power and passion, rather than resignation and despair.   What is needed is a clear prescription, a “how to” approach, for transforming the drudgery of life into opportunities for fulfillment.  It is then that we see the challenges before us as the very stepping stones for realizing our greatest commitments, and expressing our most dearly held dreams, for how to live a life of deep and fulfilling purpose. 


In this new seminar, we will develop mastery in choosing the thoughts and actions in alignment with our high purpose, and begin living it NOW.   You will learn a 5-step process for:


1) Finding the "core fear" and "chief defense”, the hidden forces within that seduce us into postponing purpose to take care of problems first,


2) Mastering the practice of “doing the opposite”, recovering your ability to choose the path of purpose instead,


3) Discovering the “Rule for making purpose-driven decisions”: Being 100% willing to choose all options,


4) Designing your destiny with the Vision Questing Process, and


5) Creating the Field of Enlightenment, where you will establish a new possibility for living that actualizes your purpose, together with others who are doing the same.


This new offering by Dr. Pressman promises to be an exciting “next step” in the Deconstructing Anxiety series.  We hope you’ll join us to start living your purpose now!

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3 hours



Taught on Zoom by Dr. Pressman


Offered live online:

  • Wednesday, June 15 from 12-3pm eastern

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June 15, 2022
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