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   Some of Dr. Pressman's credentials:

  • Invited speaker at the International Society for the Systems Sciences, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Invited speaker for the Newfoundation for Inner Peace, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Invited presenter in five countries and sixteen states
  • Frequent radio and television guest, including twice on ABC
  • Author of 3 books, 2 CD sets, three newspaper columns and dozens of articles
  • Regularly consulted by the media as an expert in his field
  • Sought after keynote speaker
  • Consultant to Olympic athletes

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TODD.                   Professional Speaker            

Logos Wellness Center

703 Sheppard Road

Voorhees, New Jersey 08043




Todd E. Pressman, Ph.D.

Professional Speaker

Logos Wellness Center

703 Sheppard Road Voorhees, New Jersey 08043




   "This is no ordinary lecture...It's a life-changing experience!"

                                                                                            --R.D.,M.D., President, National Teaching Institute


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   Rave reviews for Dr. Pressman:

    "A Master"

               --O.M., Founder of Training and Development Center, Newfoundland, Canada 


                                        --P.W., Vice President of Teaching Hospital, Philadelphia, PA          

   "Rare Wisdom"

            --F.D., President of International Sound Studios, Cherry Hill, NJ

Internationally renowned psychologist, executive coach and author Dr. Todd Pressman

is an expert in leadership and peak performance training.   He will bring an

exciting and inspirational event to your audience, getting them ready to take action for truly extraordinary performance.